The group is engaged in the following projects:

Determining seasonal and interannual controls on air-sea carbon dioxide flux in a highly productive marginal sea

Coastal Marine Lab Observatory

Terrestrial impact on Coastal Carbon

Appledore Island Observatory pCO2 Buoy

Spatial and temporal dynamics of CO2

NASA New Investigator Program/Joe Salisbury PI, A novel approach toward the estimation of net ecosystem metabolism in estuary-plume systems using satellite and modeled data

Modeling efforts with UMaine and BU


Field work supporting these efforts includes:

Gulf of Maine Survey, October 2007

Gulf of Mexico and East Coast Carbon Cruise, July/August 2007

Gulf of Maine Survey, November 2006

Wilkinson Basin Transect Cruise, monthly cross shore, 2004-

Kennebec Coastal Transect Cruise, monthly along shore, 2004-

New England River Surveys - Merrimack, Kennebec, Penobscot and Pleasant Rivers

Great Bay Estuary Surveys, ongoing

Orinoco River/Gulf of Mexico Survey, 2005

Hudson River Surveys, 2005 and 2006

Piscataqua River Mouth Time Series, 2006

Dissolved Trace Gas Sampling Surveys with UNH/AIRMAP, 2005-06

Upstream Sampling of Maine Rivers, bi-monthly