Following is a list of key equipment used in our research. Underway equipment has been deployed on numerous research vessels including the R/V Gulf Challenger, R/V Tioga, R/V Pelican, R/V Camden Belle, R/V Fletcher and at fixed stations on land including the Piscataqua River Mouth. Further UNH/OPAL bio-optical profiling and ancillary discrete sampling for phytoplankton and zooplankton counts complement the following:

In-situ oceanic pH from Sunburst: Plot 1     Plot 2

Li-Cor 7500 open-path CO2 and H20 sensor

3D Gill Solent sonic anemometer (R3-50)

Motion-corrected Direct Eddy Covariance System (DCFS)

Portable underway surface pCO2 system (Licor 840) with a three chamber Weiss-type equilibrator (developed with W. McGillis, LDEO)

Portable underway bioptical and thermosalinograph system measuring T,S, Oxygen, CDOM, Chlorophyll, Beam Attenuation, PAR, Barometric pressure

Coastal pCO2 buoy (in collaboration with C. Sabine, NOAA/PMEL)

Atmospheric pCO2 from numerous New England UNH/AIRMAP stations

Discrete sampling and lab. analysis for inwater carbonate parameters includes:

Total alkalinity via end point titration (Radiometer TIM850)

Total alkalinity via Gran titration (developed by W. Cai, U. Georgia, see diagram below):

A=Orion pH electrode B=Temperature probe C=Stir plate D=Kloehn 30 mL sample syringe E=Kloehn 1 mL acid syringe F=0.1N HCl G=Total alkalinity stadard from Dr. Andrew Dickson, UCSD

Dissolved oxygen via the Winkler method (custom-fabricated by C. Langdon, U. Miami)

DIC using custom-built Licor 6262 IR analyzer( developed in collaboration W. Cai, U. Ga, see diagram below):
A=Kloehn digital syringe B=Licor 6262 CO2 detector C=Temperature-controlled instrument housing D=10% H3PO4 with 50g NaCl E=Ultrapure Nitrogen to dry gas sample stream

DOC and POC (Shimadzu TOC analyzer, UNH Nat. Resource Lab.)